Saint Joseph CCW Mission Statement


Our Saint Joseph Church in Loda is without a doubt the prettiest little church in the county.
Here we feel the presence of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.  He inspires us daily to give thanks
and praise to God for all the blessings we have recieved.

We honor our Blessed Mother Mary, the source of all courage and grace. We give thanks to
her for her guidance and for her example of trust in God.

The women of the CCW strive to be a source of Christ's love. We believe that we have been
called into His service so that we may share His love with our neighbors. We are thankful for
 the work He gives us.  Joyfully we serve and support all who are in need of food, clothing a
 kind word, a friendly smile. We are always ready to comfort the sick,the elderly, the poor
and the grieving.

Our mission is to freely offer the peace and love of Christ to our parish family and community.
We pray for wisdom, courage and perseverance in love. May we prefer nothing to Christ who
gives us life abundantly. Amen.

Your Sisters in Christ,

Saint Joseph CCW 

All women of the parish are welcome and encouraged to join us in fulfilling innumerable corporal acts of charity and service.  We meet on the third Tuesday of each month.

President - Robin Reinhart - 217-249-2604



Secretary/Treasurer - Ann Barbieur - 217-386-2849