Knights of Columbus

Current Officers and 2021 Nominated Officers


Fr. Paul Benson Council #8229 4th Degree Knights

KC Grad Knighgt                           

Current Grand Knight

Victor Vasquez Jr.



 Current Head of Assembly

Dan Schneider                

About Us and Our Mission:

The Knights of Columbus came together as an organization on October 2, 1881 at St. Mary's Church in New Haven, Connecticut by Father Michael J. McGivney.  The Knights of Columbus is a fraternal service & benefit organization that arose at a time in American history when injury or death of a breadwinner would spell disaster for an entire family.  Father McGivney sought a way to help lessen the ravages of poverty from the death of a family breadwinner.  As a result, the early Knights came together to help each other out and help each others' families in times of need. 

Father McGivney wanted to the Knights of Columbus to be able to help their church, community, and families while spreading the word and love of Christ in the actions and services that the Knights performed.   Today the Knights of Columbus is an international organization with well over 1.6 million Catholic men, working toward a single goal of bettering the world with their actions.  The Knights of Columbus offers Knights life insurance programs that Father McGivney envisioned to help Catholic families in times of hardship in the event of the tragic loss of a family member/breadwinner.

The Knights of Columbus Fr. Paul Benson Council # 8229 is  based out ofSt. Mary Parish in Paxton, IL.  Although we share our Parish's namesake with that of the founding Knights of Columbus council in New Haven, Connecticut; we would also like to think that the spirit of our council is the same as Father McGivney's original band of brothers:  To help our church, help our communities, and to help our families through our acts of charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism.

Since 1974, the Knights of Columbus have vowed to defend and protect the lives of the born and unborn, and the weakest members in our society.  Over the past few decades the Knights have developed multiple opportunities to allow others to help them serve and protect the defenseless.  The Knights of Columbus hold annual MR/LD fundraisers (you know, when the guys in the middle of the street are collecting donations and handing out Tootsie Rolls®).  The Knights of Columbus Fr. Paul Benson Council #8229 have also helped establish a memorial in honor of unborn children in front of the Parish Hall.

4th Degree Officers

Faithful Comptroller- Mike Ostrowski

Faithful Scribe- Jerry Brown

Faithful Admiral- Alan Schweighart

Faithful Purser- Victor Vasquez Jr. 

Dan Schneider knights Jim Schuler                      
 Dan Schneider knights Jim Schuler                                      
Dan Schneider knights Brad Pickens
Dan Schneider knights Bill Archer

IGA Cookout March 2021

Knights Council 10th Anniversary 2019

Holy Thursday 2021 

Divine Mercy Sunday 2021

We Meet:

The first Wednesday of every month, at 7:30 pm at the Parish Hall located at 150 N. Maple St. in Paxton, IL. Click Here for map.