The Library is located in the entrance to St. Mary’s Church and contains a collection that may be checked out for viewing/reading. Please take advantage of this great resource.

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DVD Collection:

     Demographic Winter; the Decline of the Human Family. 
     EWTN.  The Catholic View for Women.
     The Fourth Wise Man.  72 min.  
     Gift of Life, with Governor Mike Huckabee.  71 min.
     I Was Wrong  (testimony by women who had abortions)  30 min.
     Loretta Young’s The Road to Lourdes and Other Miracles of Faith.  200 min.  b/w    4     episodes, 30 min. each.
     Mother Teresa.  80 min.
     National Geographic.  The Biology of Prenatal Development.  42 min.
     National Geographic.  In the Womb.89 min.
     180:  33 Minutes That Will Rock the World.  (about abortion)  33 min.
     Silent No More Awareness Campaign.  (about abortion)  44 min.
     Father Frank Pavone.  This Is My Body.(about abortion)
     The Song of Bernadette, with Jennifer Jones.  156 min.

CD Collection:

     Cavins, Jeff.  Shameless: Seeing Yourself ad God Sees You.
     Gaitley, Michael, Fr. The Second Greatest Story Ever Told:  Understanding Mary’s Role in Your Life.
     Gray, Dr. Timothy.  Walk the Walk; Following Christ as His Disciple.
     Jones, Deacon Alex.  No Price Too High:  the Conversion of a Pentecostal Pastor and His Congregation.
     Kelly, Matthew.  Don’t Just Try . . . Train.
     Kreeft, Dr. Peter.  Winning the Culture War.
     Leonard, Matthew.  Pray Like a Saint; Wisdom for Growing Close to God.
     Malloy, Bishop David and Monsignor Eric Barr.  In God We Trust:  Religious Liberty.
     Miravalle, Dr. Mark.  Angels Explained;  What You Should Know About the Nine Choirs.
     Schneier, Patty.  Prove It, God! . . . And He Did.
     Wilton, Fr. David, CPM.  Fathers of Mercy;  Parish Mission.  3 CD’s

BOOK Collection:

     Acorn, Randy.  Why Pro-Life Care for the Unborn and Their Mothers.
     A Kempis, Thomas.  The Imitation of Christ.
     Anne, a lay apostle.  Climbing the Mountain; Discovering Your Path to Holiness
     Anne, a lay apostle.  Volume One: Directions for Our Times as Given to Anne.
     Anne, a lay apostle.  Volume Two:  Conversations with the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.  
     Armstrong, Philip.  Your Own Mysteries; Praying Your Life Through the Rosary.
     Arroyo, Raymond.  Mother Angelica.
     Barron, Robert.  Heaven in Stone and Glass: Experiencing the Spirituality of the Great Cathedrals.
     Brennan, Jane.  Motherhood Interrupted:  Stories of Healing and Hope After Abortion.             
     Canfield, Jack, et al.  Chicken Soup for the Golden Soul; Heart Warming Stories for People over 60.
     Canfield, Jack, et al.  Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul:  101 Stories to Open the Hearts and Rekindle the Spirits of Mothers.
     Castro, Maisa.  Oraciones Carismaticas.  4th ed. (Spanish)
     Chawla, Navin.  Mother Teresa:  The Authorized Biography.
     Craige, Mary Catherine.  Daily Prayer, 2012.
     Crutcher, Mark.  On Message;  Understanding and Communicating the Pro-Life Position.
     DeMontfort, St. Louis.  The Secret of the Rosary.
     deStefano, Anthony.  Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To:  Divine Answers to          Life’s Most Difficult Problems.
     Eck, Larry and Mary Sue, comp.  Medjugorje Miracles of Physical Healings.
     Finley, Mitch.  The Joy of Being a Eucharistic Minister.
     Gail, Brian J.   Fatherless.    A novel.  
     Giff, Patricia Reilly.  Mother Teresa:  Sister to the Poor.
     Gonzalez-Balado, Jose Luis. Mother Teresa:  In My Own Words, 1910-1997.
     Hahn, Scott.  A Father Who Keeps His Promises.
     Hanley, Boniface.  The Doorkeeper, the Story of Father Solanus Casey.
     Hernandez, Francis.  Conversation with God; Daily Meditations, Vol. I: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany.
     Hilgers, Thomas W. and Dennis J. Horan.  Abortion and Social Justice.
     Hunt, Allen.  Confessions of a Mega Church Pastor;  How I Discovered the Hidden Treasures of the Catholic Church.
     Johnson, Abby.  UnPlanned.  (2 copies)
     Kelly, Matthew.  Rediscover Catholicism; a Spiritual Guide to Living with Passion and Purpose.  ( 2 copies)
     Kassel, Bill.  Holy Innocents.
     Kondor, Fr. Louis, ed. Fatima in Lucia’s Own Words:  Sister Lucia’s Memoirs.
     Kuharski, Mary Ann.  Outnumbered!  Raising 13 Kids with Humor and Prayer.
     Langford, Joseph.  Mother Teresa’s Secret Fire.
     Murphy, Guy.  The Weapon of Medjugorje.
     Murray, Lorraine V.  Confessions of an Ex-Feminist.
     McGeady, Sister Mary Rose.  God, Please Save Me.  
     Mother Teresa of Calcutta:  a Gift for God; Prayers and Meditations. 
     Neal, Mary C.  M.D.  To Heaven and Back; a Doctor’s Extraordinary Account of Her Death, Heaven, Angels and Life Again..  
     Noonan, Hugh.  Francis of Assisi: the Song Goes On.
     Padgett, Chris.  Spirituality You Can Life With; Stronger Faith in 30 Days. 
     Pavone, Father Frank A. Ending Abortion; Not Just Fighting It.
     Quinlan, Julia Duane. My Joy, My Sorrow:  Karen Ann’s Mother Remembers.
     Reardon, David C. PhD.  Making Abortion Rare; a Healing Strategy for a Divided Nation.
     Sebba, Anne.  Mother Teresa:  Beyond the Image.
     Shea, Mark P.  Mary, Mother of the Son.
     Steichen, Donna.  Chosen:  How Christ Sent 23 Surprised Converts fo Replant His Vinehard.  (23 converts tell their stories)
     Strand, Robert.  The Crossings Treasury of Angel Stories.
     Vardey, Lucinda, comp.  Mother Teresa:  a Simple Path.
     Wertham, Frederic, M.D.  A Sign for Cain; an Exploration of Human Violence.

CHILDREN’s Books and DVD’s:

     Burpo, Colton.  Heaven Is for Real.
     Children’s Bible.
     Clayton, Candace.  Sing a Song of Gladness.
     Dillon, Leo and Dian.  To Every Thing There Is a Season.
     Downey, Roma.  Little Angels: Animals.  DVD
     Dropes, Chrysti Carol.  I Am.
     Fitzgerald, Anne.  Dear God, Why Did You Put the Rainbow in the Sky?
     Forsberg, Glen.  Stories That Live.
     Godfrey, Jan and Peter Adderly.  God’s Wonderful World.
     Janda, James A.  The Story of St. Patrick.
     Jennings, Anne.  Amrah and the Living Water.
     Kramer, Janice.  Donkey Daniel in Bethlehem.
     Lovasik, Rev. Lawrence.  Catholic Book of Prayers for Children.  3 copies.
     McCullough, L.E.  A Catholic Child’s Illustrated Lives of the Saints.
     Marbach, Ethel.  More Once-Upon-a-Time Faith-Tales.
     My Shining Bible; a Child’s First Bible. 
     The Nativity Story.  DVD
     O’Connor, Francine M.  Handbook for Today’s Catholic Children.  2 copies.
     Shriver, Maria.  What’s Heaven?
     Story of Jesus.
     Veggie Tales.  It’s a Meaningful Life; a Lesson in Being Content. 48 min.
     Veggie Tales.  St. Nicholas; a Story of Joyful Giving. 45 min.
     Veggie Tales.  The Star of Christmas. 45 min.
     White, Mary Michael and Ruth Hannon.  A Book of God’s Gifts.
     Wintz, Jack.  St. Francis in San Francisco.

YOUNG ADULTS books and DVD’s:

     Doman, Regina.  Alex O’Donnell and the 40 Cyber Thieves; a Fairy Tale Retold.
     Doman, Regina.  Black As Night: a Fairy Tale Retold.
     Doman, Regina.  Midnight Dancers; a Fairy Tale.
     Doman, Regina.  The Shadow of the Bear; a Fairy Tale Retold. 2 copies.
     Doman, Regina.  Waking Rose; a Fairy Tale Retold.  2 copies.
     John Paul II Series.  Catholic, Reluctantly.
     John Paul II Series.  Summer of My Dissent.
     John Paul II Series.  Trespass Against Us.
     Juno.  DVD.  96 min.
     Pinto, Matthew and Chris Stefanick.  Do I Have To Go?