St. Mary-St. Joseph Announcements




 Since we have limited seating available, we ask that everyone signup on our website to indicate your desire to go to Mass at either St. Mary or St. Joseph.  Please register via the contact us page by Thursday and select to send the message to St. Joseph or St Mary reservation and also include how many in your family will be attending.

For those of you that would prefer to make your reservations by phone please call or Text Dan to make reservations for St. Joseph at 217-781-2411. Call or Text Sheila to make reservations for St. Mary at 217 417-2017 to make reservations at St. Mary church. Please sign up or call by Thursday . Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Dispensation from attending Mass is still in effect, therefore if you feel you cannot attend safely please don’t feel obligated to come. 

Please Arrive 10 Minutes before Mass, so we can hold your seat

We will also be distributing Holy Communion at 11 AM in front of St. Mary Church for those who cannot attend Mass. Please be at the front steps of St. Mary by 11.

Sunday’s live broadcast at 9:30 AM can be found at:

                           May God Bless You and Your Family

We want to thank everyone for your continued support of St. Mary & St. Joseph churches. Please consider the financial health of the parish through prayers and your financial stewardship, especially during through these difficult times. 


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Mass Times

Sunday 8:00 am - St. Joseph Loda
Sunday 9:30 am - St Mary Paxton
Sunday 11:00 am - Our Lady Of Lourdes Gibson City
Monday 8:00 am - No Mass
Tuesday 5:30 pm - St. Joseph Loda
Wednesday 7:00 pm - St Mary Paxton
Thursday 5:30 pm - Our Lady Of Lourdes Gibson City
Friday 8:00 am St Mary Paxton
Saturday 5:00 pm -Our Lady Of Lourdes Gibson City




 Are you new to the area or the parish?

Call Fr. Dong at the Rectory to become a new church member! 217-379-4033

  Please leave a message if Fr. Dong is unavailable to take your call.


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